We often get asked where we have sourced our lovely bits and bobs in the huts and also where we had the huts built.............. So here are our secrets.

DO YOU WANT TO BUY YOUR OWN HUT? We would of course prefer it if you came to stay here but it is time to share...

They are not cheap - buy cheap buy twice. We needed a hut which would withstand the weather up here. Pine would not cut it and so many huts have pine chassis and insubstantial carcasses. Lovely for a few years as a garden room but not what we wanted.  We wanted one which would stand the test of time. We searched the country and found what we were looking for it pretty much on our doorstep at Northumberland Shepherd Huts. Paul and his team are true craftsmen. Patient ones at that as they put up with me.... just!  I did know what I wanted and more importantly they did not fail to deliver.